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It All Starts With Our Excellent Mechanics

Excellent auto repair all starts with excellent mechanics. You’ll be happy to know that our mechanics are licensed and certified to complete everything from a car tune-up to full mechanical repair. On top of that, our technicians have access to all the proper tools and equipment in our state-of-the-art shop.

Full Mechanical repair that's guaranteeed

Priority Auto Body will repair your vehicle with quality workmanship, dedicated service, and a fast turnaround. For your peace of mind, all work is guaranteed!

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When your vehicle needs service, it helps to know where to turn. Priority Auto Body & Service in the leading choice in the greater Lansing area for affordable, comprehensive auto care. With our expert technicians and access to the latest in diagnostic technology, we provide full-service support for cars, trucks, SUVs, and fleet vehicles. 

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Our services include :

Our customer is always our top priority. We provide only high quality and satisfaction guaranteed repair and maintenance services, and at a cost that beats most of the competition. Because we are established by family principles, we love building lasting relationships with our customers for over 60 years.

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Terms and Conditions

Priority Auto Body is honored that you have chosen our facility to have your vehicle repaired. Our team will work on your behalf, to assist with processing a claim with your insurance, if that is the direction you choose to take. There are a responsibilities in the claim process that are either the sole or partial responsibility of you, the customer. Please note that we work for YOU, not the insurance company. Therefore, responsibility of the payment for repairs will be yours once the vehide is completed and ready for pick-up. In some cases, we accept direct payment from select, pre­approved insurance carriers. These carriers are called direct repairs, or DRP's. On average, approximately 90% of vehicles repaired are found to have what is termed, hidden damage. In those cases, Priority Auto Body will generate a supplementary damage request and submit on your behalf, to your insurance carrier. Insurance carriers may issue a payment for repairs with a check made payable to you and the repair facility. This type of payment is termed a "two-party check". When picking up your vehicle following completion of repairs, any customer paying using this type of payment will be responsible to have the check endorsed with the proper personal signature. There are two "out of pocket" expenses that a customer may be subject to during the repair process, while processing a claim through an insurance carrier. A Deductible (and/or} Betterment/Depreciation. If you require further explanation for either of these potential expenses, please ask your estimator. If applied by your insurance carrier, the Deductible and any other charges such as Betterment/Depreciation will be due at the time of vehicle pick-up. This is without exception. As a convenience, Priority Auto Body accepts cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express credit cards. Priority Auto Body will accept personal checks with proper identification. The completion date given to you by your estimator should be considered a tentative target date. It represents a bare minimum guess and should not be thought of in any way, as a promise date. Although every effort will be made to hit a tentative target date, the length of time to repair a vehicle will vary for many reasons. Possible delays include, but are not limited to shop workload, weather issues, parts delays, hidden damage on vehicle, or insurance carrier delays. Authorization and Power of Attorney I have read and agree to the teri:ns and conditions as outlined above. I authorize work to be performed as per the estimate written by my insurance carrier and/or Priority Auto Body. Priority Auto Body and its' employees have my permission to operate my vehicle for the purposes of test-driving, transporting, or general movement while in their possession. I grant Priority Auto Body an Express Mechanics Lien on the vehicle as a fonTI of securing payment for said repairs. I further appoint Priority Auto Body my true and lawful attorney to sign my name and/or take whatever action is necessary to place insurance checks or electronic payments into a cashable position, to compensate them for said repairs. I agree that Priority Auto Body shall not-t>e held liable for loss or damage to my vehicle, or its' contents, caused e- by forces beyond their control. I agree to compensate Priority Auto Body for all costs, including attorney and storage fees, which may incur as a result of my failure to pay for any work I have authorized.

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